Cooking ingredients

How to cook meat

Meat is the general term for any muscle from any animal. However, most people think of meat as meaning “red meat”. This section describes red meats, including the common American staples of beef, pork, lamb, and veal. Also included are ostrich, rabbit, buffalo, and game meats. Rabbit, buffalo, and game meats were once common to […]

How to cook eggs

In addition to being a popular breakfast food, eggs are a symbol of beginnings. Primitive humans recognized the egg as the beginning of life, and it became a symbol of spring and fertility. Eggs have four main parts: Shell – As the name suggests, this is the fragile and porous outer covering. The shell is […]

How to cook turkey

Once, turkey was for Thanksgiving and Christmas only. In fact, 90 percent of all turkeys were sold during November and December. It all started when wild turkey was served as part of a feast of thanksgiving in 1621, and the tradition of turkey on the Thanksgiving table endures. Americans now embrace the turkey for more […]

Dukan Diets Head Nutritionist Simone Gloger Offers Tips to Help Dieters Maintain and Even Lose Weight During the Holiday Season

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 25, 2014 During the holiday season when festive dishes packed with carbohydrates and fat are typically offered in abundance, it’s very easy for dieters to cheat, overindulge and pack on the pounds. According to Simone Gloger, head nutritionist for the best selling Dukan Diet, when it comes to dieting successfully […]

How to cook goose

Geese, those graceful, large birds with their long necks, large beaks, and signature cry, have long been a favorite target for hunters. One reason is that the birds, which often weigh about 25 pounds, provide a lot of meat. In addition, their flesh is tender and flavorful. Goose has long been a traditional holiday dish […]

How to cook game birds

Game birds is a broad category that includes any wild bird hunted and eaten as food. These birds include the following: Large birds such as wild turkey and goose. Medium-sized birds, including pheasant, guinea fowl, and wild duck. Small birds, such as grouse, hazel hen, lark, mud hen, partridge, pigeon, and quail. Game birds that […]

How to cook duck

Duck, or duckling, includes any of the 80 different species of wild or domestic birds with webbed feet. Today, several major breeds of duck are raised for their meat. These domesticated ducks may be three times larger than their wilderness-reared relatives. Duck is very popular in Europe and China, where more duck is eaten each […]

Seven Tips for Keeping Your Familys Health and Fitness Goals on Track through the Holiday Season

Palo Alto, California (PRWEB) November 25, 2014 Making healthy choices for the family during the holidays is tough. From parties to special holiday meals, it’s nearly impossible to avoid encountering all the favorite guilty pleasure foods that threaten to derail our best intentions. What’s more, entertaining and enjoying the season’s festivities leave little time for […]

How to cook chicken

Thanks in large part to chicken’s low price, low fat, and high versatility, the amount of chicken consumed in the United States has increased exponentially. That wasn’t always the case. Even though chicken is one of the oldest living species of animal, it was a rarity on the dinner table. King Henri IV of France […]

How to cook poultry

When nomadic hunters and gatherers first became farmers, they realized the importance of raising birds. The egg could be eaten, the feathers were used for bedding and clothing, and the flesh made a fine roast. It also was economical to keep poultry; cattle needed miles of grazing land, but a chicken could peck around a […]

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