Cooking ingredients

Why is sugar important to test the relevance of sugar in fermenatation?

I cannot put my answer into the right words. Can someone help? It is obvious sugar is important but why?

Wild game cooking show name?

I would love to have a “catchy” name for the cooking show that I have to do next week at the Central Wisconsin Sports Show. I am preparing fish and pheasants and all recipes include beer or wine in the ingredients. I would love some ideas. Thank you so much!

What are some good recipes for people who dont want to eat meat or dairy products?

Im cuttin out meat and dairy (eggs are ok) and Im freakin starvin. What can I make that will replace these beloved foods?

How do you use vinegar to stop your period temporarily?

I’m going to see my boyfriend next month and we’re in a long distance relationship so it would really suck to have my period during those few days. I heard you can stop your period for a couple hours by using vinegar. How would I go about doing this? Thanks in advance.

Ladies, do you enjoy cooking?

live lobster or crab????? when was the last time you cook a lobster or crab???

Oil-pulling question?

I’ve been oil-pulling for about 2 week now (sunflower oil, once a day). It’s been very effective and I have had quite a few positive results! My only concern: every since I started, I’ve had a cough. No other cold symptoms and it doesn’t even come from the chest, but more from the back of [...]

David Cook or David Archuleta, Who will win?????????????

I think Cook but hes sucking lately, any ideas?

Why do plants grow in the dark?

I’m trying to explain the results of my experiment on my lab report for school. I would like to know why the lima bean plants in the dark grew larger than the ones grown in the light. Any explanations you can give me will be greatly appreciated. thanks

what is something unique on your family’s thanksgiving dinner table?

besides the usual turkey, yam, etc., what is something unique that only in your family?

What can i cook my valentine?

My b/f is working late on Valentines night what can i cook for him getting home? Something easy i’m not the best cook lol Mmmmm i’m hungry reading all these recipes lol I’m not the worst cook either so think i could manage a few of these recipes!!

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