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Can the body survive with only these nutrients? Am I forgetting anything?

Besides these things, are there any other nutrients the body needs to survive? Vitamin C B complex Iron Niacin Hyaluronic acid Alpha lipoic Acid Amino Acids Calcium Magnesium Vitamin K Vitamin D Selenium Folic Acid C-Q10 Biotin and some herbs: Milk Thistle Licorice root As a hypothetical experiment, if someone only had these could they […]

Pasta Alla Carbonara Recipe

Some carbonara facts: There are so many varieties of carbonara that it is hard to sort them out. Typically carbonara is made with pancetta or guanciale, egg yolk, and parmesan cheese mixed in spaghetti. Pancetta is a bacon that has been salt cured and spiced with nutmeg, pepper, fennel, dried ground hot peppers and garlic […]

Which of the following foods contains the highest amount of protein?

Which of the following foods contains the highest amount of protein? 1 cup raisin bran 1 cup broccoli 0.5 cup kidney beans 1 oz Swiss cheese

How do i make My pesto not have a spicy taste?

first time i tried i used parsley cilantro walnuts parmasan cheese 2 cloves of garlic and olive oil. came out tasting really spice not very good second time i used just parsly and a similar recipe thinking it was the cilantro that made it spicy. still came out spice and grose. i know i should […]

Know how to fix potato skins in oven?

Used to fix the left over peels from potatoes as a snack. Remember that they were soaked in very hot water for 15 or so minutes, drained and dried then coated with melted lard, baked in the oven and seasoned. I need to know what is the best tasting oil for coating and any suggestions […]

Why am I alergic to regular milk, lactose free milk and soy milk?

I thought I wa just lactose intolerant, however I tired different types of milk including soy, lactose free, organic, and silk. All of which don’t sit well with my stomach. Is there something else I can try? What am I really intolerant too?

Is there any way to cook rice to where it isn’t sticky afterwards?

It doesn’t matter how I cook rice (steamed or on stove), it is always sticky afterwards even if I fry it. Can I somehow strip the starch off of it somehow so it’s like the rice at the chinese restaraunts? I like my rice soft but non sticky. Thanks.

How long does it take wild trout to take artifical bait?

There is this wild trout that has been swimming in the same pool for weeks on this specific section of the Arkansas River. I know how to use flies and lures , but I want to try power-bait and salmon eggs. So far it has been 2 weeks and no success. Whenever I throw in […]

Butternut Squash Recipes

Butternut squash is a type of winter squash having a sweet, nutty flavor like the taste of a pumpkin. It is a big oblong-shaped vegetable which grows on a vine. It is made of orange fleshy pulp that is contained by yellow skin. When it is ripe, it becomes orange – the riper it gets, […]

Artificial BOD for project?

My project requires me to produce synthetic Palm Oil Mill Effluent, and i am not sure as to how to imitate the COD and BOD ( Chemical Oxygen Demand and Biological Oxygen Demand). Is it possible to use nitrates or phosphates to do this?

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