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Waterless Cooking

Have you heard of the waterless cooking method? It is a relatively new method of cooking that has many advantages. In the past, a lot of household cooking has involved cooking food with water. When cooked in water, however, a lot of the food’s nutritional value, not to mention the flavor, is taken away. Waterless […]

What kind of honey should I use for acne?

I’ve heard really good things about honey and cinnamon powder for acne. But, I’m a little worried. I have fairly dry skin, but I have a few greasy spots, as well. I know that honey is really moisturizing, and when I moisturize regularly, my skin does look much better. So is honey alright for my […]

Does this Guy like me?

Okay, We are At the Maize in Columbus Ohio and I started hanging out with this group there! We did absolutely everything together! I was Getting very close with this guy named Thomas and he kinda seemed like he was trying to get close to me…Well First we are in the Regular maize and he […]

How long does sour cream chip dip last after being opened?

I just bought a sort of big container of Philadelphia sour cream chip dip, and im wondering how long it will last, after being opened, refrigerated?


SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK… Video Rating: 4 / 5 The documentary film INGREDIENTS illustrates how eating seasonal, locally produced foods improves our health and the health of our community. The area in and…

Do you know this food?

I’m Japanese.Do you know natto, or fermented soybeans? Needless to say, this is made from soybeans. This smells very strange and is very sticky. Even some Japanese dislike this food but it is said that this food made our body immune to cancer. Have you ever tried or heard about this? And, what did you […]

How long does sugar paste craft last for?

I am making a cake for my sons Christening and wondered if there is anyone who knows how long sugar paste craft will last for. I want to make some footprints out of sugar paste to go onto the cup cakes and I have 50 to make, so want to get ahead. The Christening is […]

Where can I get a chocolate temperer to use at home?

I always make lots of Xmas candy using melted chocolate, but I always get that white “bloom” on it because the chocolate isn’t tempered. I want one for my home so I can begin selling my chocolate creations. Thanks to all who help!

Had a sweet fix today how do I burn it?

I made some vegan brownies (no fat) just white and brown sugar, I also had some jelly beans. The only food I had was a vegan salad and some plain kidney beans. When I have a sweet tooth I go for it. Since I normally don’t eat like this I doubt I will gain any […]

Fans of all ages From Across the USA to Attend 2014 Rocket Boys/October Sky Festival October 3rd-5th in the Beautiful West Virginia Mountains

Beckley, WV (PRWEB) September 17, 2014 The Rocket Boys/October Sky Festival is coming to Beckley, West Virginia the first weekend in October, just in time for peak mountain fall foliage, featuring Homer Hickam and the Rocket Boys and special celebrity guest of honor Hollywood actor Chris Ellis, who played Homer’s Big Creek High School […]

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