Cooking ingredients

How to cook bread

Bread is such a fundamental food that the word “bread” itself is often equivalent to “food” or “money” in many parts of the world. Although it is a simple food, bread requires the conversion of grain into flour, leavening ingredients, and a means of baking. Bread also plays a role in many customary rituals, such […]

How to cook wild rice

Not really a rice, although closely related to it genetically, wild rice is actually an aquatic grain. It is the seed of a marsh grass that grows in the northern Great Lakes area of the United States. It is known for its hazelnut-like flavor, dark-brown color, and chewy texture. American Indians, who once waged wars […]

How to cook wheat

Wheat is among the oldest of grain crops. Major wheat-producing areas include the United States, whose Great Plains are considered the “breadbasket of the world”, Canada, China, western Europe, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, India, Pakistan, and Australia. Wheat is an annual plant that grows between 2 and 4 feet high, depending on the variety of wheat […]

Campsite Cooking

Campsite cooking should be fun rather than a challenge. After all, you’re on a holiday not a survival exercise and it can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like. On the one hand, you might want a simple one burner stove for tea and coffee with a barbecue for meals. On the other, […]

How to cook rye

Rye belongs to the same botanical family as wheat and barley. The plant is indigenous to Europe and Asia. The plant itself is often bushy at the base and stands 5 to 8 feet high. Rye grows well in areas where the soil is too poor and the climate too cool for wheat. Rye grains […]

How to cook rice

Most typically viewed as a side dish in Western nations, rice is the main entree when the rest of the world sits down to eat, providing up to half the calories in a typical daily diet in many Asian countries. Rice is also a staple in Africa. Most of the world’s rice is grown in […]

How to cook quinoa

It is hailed as the super grain of the future, but the accolades are a little misleading. Quinoa (a name supposedly derived from the Spanish word for “fantastic”) is not really a grain. It is the fruit of a plant that belongs to the same botanical family as beets. The quinoa plant reaches a height […]

BBQ Recipes

Why BBQ recipes are so delicious? Unique, wonderful spices and ingredients make it so delicious. These recipes are wonderful and give us a new taste. In this article you will learn how to make delectable sauces which everyone will love. Which thing will make your sauce so delicious? Combination of tomato puree and tomatoes are […]

How to cook oats

Oats grow best in cool, moist climates and thrive in poor soils. Given these advantages, it is understandable why oats have been a food source for both humans and animals for centuries. There are several hundred varieties of oats, which are divided into two classes: winter and summer oats. Whole oat grains are usually “hairy” […]

How to cook millet

Millet is the oldest of grains. And although it is often used in the United States as bird feed, millet is one of the main food sources for many developing nations. There are many different species of millet, which is tiny, has an oblong-spherical shape, and ranges from pale yellow to reddish orange. Unlike most […]

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