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How to cook squash seeds

Cultivated worldwide, squash probably was first gathered by indigenous people around 8000 B.C., primarily for its seeds. European settlers arriving in North America found it was a common crop grown by American Indians. Although most people are familiar with eating the flesh of squash, the seeds of squash by themselves are both tasty and nutritious. […]

Top Vodka Brands In Industry Announced by 10 Best Vodka

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 22, 2014 10 Best Vodka conducted a contest in conjunction with Alcohol Aficionado and unveiled this year’s best vodka award winners earlier this month. The selected labels earned the award based on characteristics such as flavor, ingredients, and crafting processes. Through a rigorous rating procedure that combines unbiased computerized data […]

How to cook sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are small, oval, and flat and have a paper-thin, edible hull. They may be white, yellow, brown, red, or black. Lighter-colored seeds are considered preferable to dark seeds. Sesame seeds are 40 to 60 percent oil by weight. They are an excellent source of iron, thiamin, riboflavin, and phosphorus and a good source […]

How to cook safflower seeds

The safflower plant has been cultivated in India, China, Persia, and Egypt for centuries and it was only introduced in the United States in 1925. India still remains the largest producer of safflower seed. Common names for safflower seeds include safflower, false saffron, and saffron thistle. Safflower seeds are about a quarter of an inch […]

How to cook pistachio nuts

Pistachio nuts grow in clusters on the pistachio tree, which grows wild throughout central and western Asia and is cultivated in warmer areas of the world. The nuts are enclosed in fleshy husks. The nut itself has a hard, thin, tan shell that partially splits open when the nut is ripe. The shells may be […]

Healthy Brownies! 2 Ingredients! – Two Ingredient Takeover E04

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How to cook pecan nut

Belonging to the same family as walnuts, pecan trees can be found growing wild from Illinois to Texas and Maryland to Florida. In fact, more than 100 varieties of pecans are cultivated in the United States. Commercial cultivation of pecans, however, is limited to warm states. Georgia produces more than a third of the total […]

How to cook macadamia nuts

Native to Australia, the macadamia tree was named for the naturalist Dr. John MacAdam. According to legend, he was the first to find the nuts edible. The macadamia nut is enclosed in a very hard, brownish shell, and the kernel is off-white in color. Each nut is about half an inch to an inch in […]

How to cook lotus seed

The lotus plant and especially its flowers have been used as a motif in the arts of the ancient cultures of India, China, and Egypt for centuries. Although many people know it is grown for its ornamental flowers, the lotus plant also has edible roots and seeds. The creamy seeds add a mild flavor to […]

Cookin’ with Auntie Fee – School Lunch

It’s back-to-school time and as many parents know it’s hard to keep kids happy with a fresh and healthy lunch. Fortunately we got some professional help when… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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