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Paella with Lobster Recipe

How to cook Paella with Lobster recipe? It can be cooked with just a little effort. Paella is a saffron-infused Spanish rice dish that includes fish and other meats. Makes 6 servings. Here are ingredients and simple directions: PAELLA WITH LOBSTER RECIPE INGREDIENTS : 3 cups chicken broth 1 cup bottled clam juice 1⁄4 teaspoon saffron […]

Parakeet training trouble?

I’ve had my parakeet for over 6 months. I got her to hop onto my finger if I have a cheerio or millet. She won’t come onto my finger unless I have food. Please Help?! Also, I have two parakeets. Only one of them is finger trained. So, yesterday I let the finger trained one […]

budgies are scared to come out?

i kept my budgies in a small cage which i felt bad for so i got there wings clipped and a playground and some new stuff but i leave there cage door wide open but they dont come out and they are really scared they dont even eat millet from my hand anymore i tried […]

Are cooking sprays safe?

Ingredients say Soybean oil and projectant

Double Chocolate Fudge (3 Ingredients) – Video Recipe

Only 3 Ingredients?! Yes please!! Easy to make and so tasty Follow me: FACEBOOK- INSTAGRAM –… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question about north indian recepie/cuisine?

What are the food items in which the following spices are very important. I know they can be used anywhere you want that kind of flavor, but traditionally where are they the most important or always added?? Please give list of Indian food items for as many of the following spices as possible. Thanks. ajwain […]

How many seeds would you need to grow 1 sqaush plant?

Ok my mom is making a soup with sqaush in it and I washed all the seeds and dried them with paper towls, how many seeds would I need to grow one squash plant? Ok because some plants require 2 or more seeds to make 1 plant and I jsut wasn’t sure.

Cooking salmon in the GT-Xpress?

Has anyone ever cooked salmon in the gt-xpress? Any recipes that dont involve alot of cheese or alot of other ingredients? Will it cook ok if I just cook it alone in there?

Exciting New App Teaches Kids About Chinese New Year

(PRWEB) January 23, 2015 As millions of families start to think about Chinese New Year celebrations, which commence this year on February 19, 2015, Toronto-based digital media company Mark Animation is pleased to announce the release of Miaomiao’s Chinese New Year, a new preschool interactive story app for iOS that is now available in the […]

Is apple cider vinegar safe to use on furniture?

I heard that you can get rid of dog fleas with vinegar but I’m wondering if it could damage my sofa and other furniture. I’m planning to spray my dog with a mix of water and vinegar but I also need to get rid of the fleas in my couch, his bed and the rugs […]

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