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Top 10 Most Wanted Indian Street Fast Food Cooking Amazing Food Crazy People Video Compilation

Top 10 Food – Best 10 Food Welcome to the Indian Most Popular Food Channel Street Food Indian Cooking and Indian Food Recipes that unseen and unknown to you…. Video Rating: 4 / 5

I have these ingredients in my house, and am feelin’ a tad bit hungry, what can I make?

I don’t eat meat…I have here: Sunflowerseed, roasted no salt; Thin spaghetti noodles, peas, apple sauce, lots of spices, vegetable oil, and condiments such as: raspberry vinegrette dressing, ranch, light miracle whip, a1, relish, mustard, but very little ketchup… So any cooks out there want to see if they have any ideas? We aren’t workin’ […]

Fenugreek Capsules?

I asked a question a few weeks ago, if any women had taken Fenugreek and seen results, and every woman that responded said that he Fenugreek really increased her milk supply. So I bought some Nature’s Way Fenugreek seed, they are 610 MG and I take 6 a day. I really have not seen an […]

Does anyone know any good recipes with chocolate?

My favorite right now is one called death by chocolate. This is how you make it. You get a bowl, and you put in a layer of chocolate pudding. Then a layer of chocolate cake. (No frosting!) Then another layer of chocolate pudding. Then another layer of chocolate cake. (Again no frosting!) Then you put […]


Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 03, 2015 Bonn Óir Vodka announced today that it has partnered with longstanding local wholesaler and retailer Sigel’s Fine Wines & Great Spirits for the official rollout and distribution of Bonn Óir Gold Medal Vodka in the Dallas, Texas area. Established in 1905, Sigel’s has a longstanding 100 year history […]

i need a help for using my fryers?

recently i buy a fryer and i don’t want use that only for french fry. So could you give me some idea that i can make with my new fryer, some recette. I use some oil canola but wich one of oil is the best for our health, i know everything who was cook in […]

Does any one have a good vegan pasta meals without out dairy products?

My sister has allergies so she went vegan. I want to make a grilled pepper and squash garlic pasta dish but she can’t have butter or cream, she is allergic to dairy products. Please help.

Will what I ate today make me fat?

Breakfast: 1 Bowl of FiberOne Cereal w/ half cup skim milk Lunch: Half a slice of cheese pizza peach chunks Snack: Apple Supper/Dinner: 3-bean salad (kidney bean, green bean, and northern beans) w/ onions MORE INFO: I hate running/working out and i feel guilty eating what was mentioned above. I’m 5’7, 118 pounds, 15 years […]

Chinese Cooking With a Wok – Mum’s Cooking Secrets That Last a Lifetime

My mother was of the idea that a man’s place was never in the kitchen, and this was ingrained into us as she shooed us out of the kitchen every time whenever we tried to get into the kitchen to see what was cooking. It might not have been the best or correct thing to […]

What to cook in these ingredients?

i want to make a surprise dinner for my family…and i only have certain ingredients. the ingredients i have are: A couple of packages of speggehti noodles Onion Gravy Tomato and can i make some kind of delicious pasta with these ingredients???

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